When I was in kindergarten I was introduced to finger-painting for the first time and became entranced with color. All these years later I get that same excitement and anticipation as I watch each new painting develop, down to the last brushstroke. Working with the rich, buttery consistency of oil paint is indescribably satisfying.

Although I majored in art in high school, I didn't get started as an artist until I went back to college at age forty. Up to that time I worked as a secretary, and put my desire to be an artist on hold until our son was grown. I'm so grateful to be able to pursue my purpose and God-given talent in life.

Planning color combinations so that the finished work will glow is a main objective for each piece; careful modeling of one color into the next, tonal contrast, and complimentary colors all come into play.

I love working with lots of detail - it's challenging and I can really get lost in it. I use my own carefully-planned photos to work from. In deciding what to paint next, I look for scenes that will touch the viewer's heart through the subject matter and my interpretation of it. This is why I'm an artist: to present scenes in oil that touch the heart, stimulate the senses with glowing color, and present a familiar scene in a whole new way. I love to portray florals up-close to bring out details that are complex and beautiful, and often go unappreciated in this busy and chaotic world we live in.

Working daily in my in-home studio, I have four art critics close by (my four cats) ready to give their opinion or ask for some kibble (usually the latter). I love doing paintings of cats that portray their intelligence and sense of humor. My three always provide me with inspiration and let me know when it's time to take a break.

Diana Fritch